Moroccan Al-Hira

Al-Hira is the main dish in the Moroccan Ramadan table and we also bring it in our homes in the rest
Normal days are served before the main dishes are appetizing


A quarter of a kilo of sheep meat or calf to taste, cut into small cubes
125 g lentils
125 grams of dry chickpeas moisten in water for 12 hours and then remove the crust
Half cup of chopped
Half cup of chopped green cheese
Half cup of green cilantro (chopped coriander)
medium onions are finely chopped
Half a kilo of chopped tomatoes in the electric mixer
125 grams of very fine noodles
125 grams of flour – flour – white flour is mixed in the electric mixer with
Water Cup
quarter cup of table oil
teaspoon of ghee
teaspoon black pepper – black pepper.
teaspoon ginger
half teaspoon cinnamon
4 tablespoons tomato-canned tomato center
tablespoon and a half tablespoon of salt and of course salt to taste
4 liters of water


Place a large volume of 8 liters above the fire.
Place a quarter cup of oil and then add the meat, onions, parsley, coriander, cabbage and pepper
Black, ginger, cinnamon, salt with stirring course for no more than five minutes.
Then add the tomatoes that have already been mixed in the blender and add to the chickpeas
Lentils, ghee and tomato center, then put water – 4 liters of water – and close a cooker
Rapid pressure for an hour.
After that we remove the cover and leave the pot over a very low fire.
Add the noodles and flour that has been mixed in the mixer and stir well.
Leave the pot over the fire for another half hour over low heat with continuous stirring of course.
After that we remove him from the fire, of course a hot advance. Bon Apetit.

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